#009 – Beyond the Obligation to Remember: Silence, Transnationalism and Memory Culture in Romania

with Dana Dolghin



The episode discusses selective memory, forgetting and official memory narratives of communism in Romania. It is in particularly concerned with memory narratives and induced forgetting that occur at the intersection of European memory canons, post-1989 state biography and more recent transnational readings of transitional justice and reconciliation. Although Dana’s research is mainly framed by the Romanian case study as an in-depth study in post-socialist memory negotiations, it also takes into discussion recurring memory constructions in recent political dynamics such as re-emerging nationalism and new populist discourses.

dana dolghinDana Dolghin is a PhD Candidate at the School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture of the University of Amsterdam (personal page under construction). Born in Bucharest, she has also worked in the museum and curatorial field prior to starting her PhD, both at home and abroad. Her background lies in history, cultural studies and critical theory and values their intersection in both research and analysis of contemporary contexts.

To cite this episode: Dolghin, Dana; Guidi, Andreas (2016): Beyond the obligation to remember: silence, transnationalism and memory culture in Romania, The Southeast Passage #009, 17.04.2016, http://thesoutheastpassage.com/podcast/dolghin-silence-transnationalism-memory-culture-romania


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cover memorial communism

Former political prison in Sighet, Romania now the “The Memorial of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance”

garden miners

Emanuel Borcescu, “Garden Miners”. Public intervention on the 25th anniversary of the 1990 protests

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