#041: Bulgarian Muslims between Empire and Nation
Milena Methodieva, 24.01.2022

#040: A History of Knowledge about the Holocaust in Bulgaria
Nadège Ragaru, 03.12.2021

#039: The Armenian Genocide and Property Usurpation in Aintab
Ümit Kurt, 11.10.2021

#038: German Resettlers and Jewish Survivors from Bukovina after 1945
Gaëlle Fisher, 09.09.2021

#037: War and Hunger during the Italian Occupation of Greece
Paolo Fonzi, 24.07.2021

#036: Political Opposition from the Ottoman Empire to Republican Turkey
Christine Philliou, 21.06.2021

#035: Ottoman Port Cities of the Modern Mediterranean
Malte Fuhrmann, 01.04.2021

#034: Being a Musician in Germany, 1850-1960
Martin Rempe, 24.09.2020

#033: How the Ottomans shaped the Modern World

Alan Mikhail, 18.08.2020

#032: The Mediterranean viewed from the Southern Shore

Conference report, 18.07.2020

#031: History and memory of the Holocaust in Thessaloniki

Leon Saltiel, 18.06.2020

#030: Archives and Temporality in the 19th century

Sina Steglich, 22.04.2020

#029: A transnational history of Kemalism

Nathalie Clayer, Fabio Giomi & Emmanuel Szurek, 09.06.2019

#028: Slavery and servitude in the Ottoman Mediterranean

M’hamed Oualdi & Hayri Gökşin Özkoray, 14.05.2018

#027: Nationalism, folk culture and history in Habsburg Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dennis Dierks, 21.11.2017

#026: The making of Orientalism and Turkish Studies in Italy 1861-1911

Marie Bossaert, 12.10.2017

#025: Discussing corruption in Yugoslavia, 1918-2000

Klaus Buchenau, 19.09.2017

#024: Kemalism and the making of modern Turkey

Erik Jan Zürcher, 06.07.2017

#023: Turkish labor unions under AKP rule

Işıl Erdinç, 22.06.2017

#022: A look at Vučić’s Serbia and the emergence of new social movements

Milica Popović & Jovana Papović, 08.06.2017

#021: On the road with Romanian migrants and traders

Norah Benarrosh-Orsoni, 19.05.2017

#020: Space, wealth, and power in the Ottoman Empire

Ali Yaycioglu, 03.05.2017

#019: A New Town in Socialist Yugoslavia in comparative perspective

Ana Kladnik, 06.04.2017

#018: Les Jeunes Turcs: Sauver l’Empire et créer la Nation

François Georgeon, 23.03.2017

#017: Muslim nation-building in Socialist Yugoslavia

Iva Lucic, 02.03.2017

#016: Balkan migrants in Turkey: Naturalization, identifications, and associations

Elif Becan, 09.02.2017

#015 – “ISLAM IN THE BALKANS” – Paris, 15-16.12.2016: Conference Report

Nathalie Clayer and Fabio Giomi, 26.01.2017

#014: Italian pop culture in Yugoslavia: Transfers and encounters across the Adriatic, 1950s-1960s

Francesca Rolandi, 12.01.2017

#013: The return of the Near East? A perspective on the Arab World, Turkey and Southeast Europe

Maurus Reinkowski, 22.12.2016

#012: National political elites  in the late 19th and early 20th century Balkans

Dobrinka Parusheva, 15.12.2016

#011: The Croatian Question in the Late Habsburg Empire and the road to a Yugoslav state

Fernando Zamola, 01.12.2016

#010: Muslims in Greece between Empire and Nation State: The Case of Thessaly and Arta, 1878-1897

Nicole Immig, 14.11.2016

#009: Beyond the Obligation to Remember: Silence, Transnationalism and Memory Culture in Romania

Dana Dolghin, 18.04.2016

#008: Street and Place (re)Naming and Public Memorialization in Former Yugoslav Countries

Srdjan Radovic, 24.01.2016

#007: Torture centers in Greece and Argentina during the military dictatorships

Janis Nalbadidacis, 07.12.2015

#006: “EARLY CINEMA IN THE BALKANS AND THE NEAR EAST” – Athens, 05.-07.06.2015: Conference Report

Manolis Arkolakis, 27.06.2015

#005: Islam, Gender and Civil Society in post-Ottoman Bosnia and Yugoslavia (1878-1941)

Fabio Giomi, 10.06.2015

#004: Bringing the Social into the Intellectual – Orthodox Historiography in the Ottoman Balkans

Konrad Petrovszky, 23.02.2015

#003: “INSIDE AND OUTSIDE SOUTHEASTERN EUROPE” – Berlin, 20-21.01.2015: Conference Report

Hannes Grandits and Ioannis Armakolas, 26.01.2015

#002: Left-wing Youth Politics, Leisure and Sexuality in Post-Dictatorship Greece, 1974-1981

Nikos Papadogiannis, 15.12.2014

#001: “Traditional Friends and Orthodox Brothers”: Greek-Serbian Friendship in the 1990s between Discourse and Praxis

Ruža Fotiadis, 01.12.2014

Cover Photo by Julian Sandhagen