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The Southeast Passage is a platform for discussing current research projects and new publications in History. Started in 2014 as a podcast dedicated to modern Southeast Europe, it is now expanding to include other regions of the world and epochs.

Each installment is downloadable for free and is intended for an audience ranging from experts of the field to casual listeners interested in History in the making. Apart from the audio file, you will find a short bibliography for further reading on the subject attached to each interview.

New contributions are always welcome! If you are currently researching on a topic related to the Podcast and would like to present your work, please visit the contact page.




Lecturer at the University of Konstanz, I obtained a Ph.D. at the Humboldt University Berlin and the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (Paris) with a dissertation about the regime change from Ottoman to Italian rule in Rhodes. Currently, I am working on a post-doc project about the history of smuggling in the 19th and 20th century Mediterranean. I am particularly interested in the post-imperial transformation in Southeast Europe and the Mediterranean, Italian colonialism and fascism, transnational history. In the freetime, I am mostly busy with transnational cooking and post-imperial guitar music.

“The Southeast Passage Theme” is Composed by Giulio Stermieri (stermieri.giulio@gmail.com)