#002 – Left-Wing Youth Politics, Leisure and Sexuality in Post-Dictatorship Greece, 1974-1981

with Nikos Papadogiannis


During the 1970s left-wing youth militancy in Greece intensified, especially after the collapse of the military dictatorship in 1974. How can the cultural politics of left-wing organizations be probed alongside the actual practices of their members? Starting from this question, concepts such as “cultural Americanisation”, “sexual revolution” and “retreat into the private during the 1970s” are worth being critically interrogated. For more details see Nikos’ book on the topic “Militant around the Clock” published by Berghahn Books.

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Nikos is a Teaching Fellow at the School of History at the University of St. Andrews:  His research interests include the history of travel, consumption, youth cultures, gender, migration, emotions and European identities. He enjoys travelling and is a huge fan of chocolate and whisky.



To cite this episode: “Papadogiannis, Nikos; Guidi, Andreas (2014): Left-wing Youth Politics, Leisure and Sexuality in Post-Dictatorship Greece 1974-1981, The South East Passage #002, 15.12.2014, http://thesoutheastpassage.com/podcast/papadogiannis-youth-left-leisure-sexuality-greece/


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The Southeast Passage
The Southeast Passage
#002 - Left-Wing Youth Politics, Leisure and Sexuality in Post-Dictatorship Greece, 1974-1981